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About Me

Hey, my name is Claire and welcome to my blog:) 

I have experienced almost every type of anxiety there is and have spent the past 8 years trying to understand the mechanisms behind it and how to overcome it. This blog will be for anyone wanting to improve their mental health and have the freedom to work on your own terms so you can prioritse your health and wellbeing. 

A little backstory about me, I am from London (North to be exact) and up until recently I was stuck feeling like a 9-5 was my destiny until I was of age to retire and REALLY get to enjoy life. I felt like there were very little options other than a 9-5. Crazy I know.. living in a major city struggling to think of/find job opportunities. My life consisted of living by other peoples expectations and following the typical education route with the hopes of making enough money in between to enjoy life. 

This initial plan didn't last once I got to college. My mental state was declining due to underlying anxiety on top of a gruelling schedule, homework and other health issues. As a result my attendance declined rapidly resulting in me being removed from the college. During this time I focused on possible career paths that didn't require me doing a 9-5 whilst being in such a vulnerable mental state.   

My aim with this blog is to help people who have hit rock bottom, who feel like your mental health has impacted your potential to be successful or anyone wanting to just make that little extra money. I want to share ways I have coped, managed and overcome severe anxiety whilst simultaneously navigating career options for people who need an olive branch to get back on their feet.

An image of myself the creator of this blog Millennial Londoner. I have brunette hair and blue eyes
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