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Anxiety Attack Vs Panic Attack

By Claire The Millennial Londoner


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. This blog is purely for informational purposes and compiled from personal experience and reputable sources. If you require any health advice please speak to a medical specialist. This blog also contains affiliate links that allow me to earn a commission at no extra cost to you.


Anxiety can be really difficult to manage on a daily basis, millions of people around the world have an anxiety disorder so it's not uncommon to feel this way. It's difficult to manage the symptoms when they gradually get worse and build up into anxiety or panic attacks.

The terms "anxiety attack" and "panic attack" are thrown around interchangeably similarly to the words"psychopath" and "sociopath". But although they are similar there are key differences between having a panic attack versus having an anxiety attack.

For anyone that has never had a panic attack, count your blessings because you are super lucky to not have experienced them. Anyone that has you will understand the struggle of trying to figure out what is happening to your body and debating whether you need to go to the hospital.

First things first let's look at each of them, understand what they are, what the symptoms are and how they are triggered.

What Is An Anxiety Attack?