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5 Ways To Deal With Depression

Updated: Mar 16

By Claire The Millennial Londoner


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. This blog is purely for informational purposes compiled from personal experience and reputable sources. If you require any health advice please speak to a medical specialist.


Depression can feel like a never-ending cycle of self-hatred, tiredness and no motivation. It can cause symptoms that make it harder to pull yourself out of that rut. It can disrupt your daily life and make you no hate doing the things you love the most. If we allow our negative thoughts to define us it will only fuel the depression.

I have struggled with depression for many years now and as cliche, as it sounds it does get better. You'll experience a cycle of it getting better and then worse but it will always get better, if you have highs you're going to have lows and unfortunately that's just life. I don't have a cure for depression but I have 5 tips that have helped me through the dark times.

1. Exercise

This one is the best technique for improving your mood almost instantly is exercising. The beauty of exercising is it releases endorphins. Whenever I go for a walk or run I find it clears the brain fog that comes with anxiety and depression. Depression can make you want to stay in bed and isolate yourself away from the world but you gotta fight this urge to do nothing because it will only make you feel worse.

It can be anything from intense workouts at the gym, HIIT workouts at home or a simple brisk walk, you gotta get your heart pumping. You don't have to become a body builder you just have to make sure you'r